Coating Equipments

AIP® Systems for Special Use

AIP® In-Line System

AIP® In-Line system is suitable for large-scale production.
This system achieves efficient production by carrying out evacuation, preheating, coating and cooling in separated chambers.


  1. A highly advanced fully-automatic control system can be interlocked with the preceding and subsequent processes.
  2. Controlling the AIP® operation data by personal computer facilitates highly efficient operational management.

Chamber module construction can facilitate flexible chamber combinations, such as 5 chamber or 6 chamber systems according to coating requirement.

AIP® System for Piston Rings

AIP®-G Series

We have AIP® systems specialized for specific purpose.

AIP®-G series has been developed to make thick film for piston rings.

AIP®-G series is using newly-designed cathode which is called Super Fine Cathode.

  1. Superior film thickness uniformity
  2. Efficient use of target
  3. Suitable to make thick film