Method of Deposition

Category of Vacuum Vapor Deposition

There are various processes in vacuum vapor deposition method. Kobe Steel have designed and manufactured equipment using processes below

KOBELCO Technology

Arc Ion Plating

  • Evacuate process chamber and introduce nitrogen gas.
  • Generate arc discharge on the surface of metal target.
  • Evaporate target metals ionized by the arc discharge.
  • Apply negative voltage on substrate to attract ions reacting with nitrogen gas.
  • Metal nitride deposits on substrate.


AIP® - Registered name of Kobe Steel LTD. AIP®-S series are mounted plasma enhanced cathodes which provide innovative technologies. Extremely smooth surface is successfully created without jeopardizing deposition rate.

Macro particle, major defect of Arc Ion Plating, is successfully minimized by AIP®.

Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

UnBalanced Magnetron

  • Ar gas which is activated in plasma forms Ar ions.
  • The Ar ions sputter out metal atoms from the target.
  • Unbalanced magnetic field introduces the Ar ions around the substrate.
  • Apply negative voltage on the substrate to attract Ar ions that induce active energy to the metal atoms depositing on the substrate.
  • Solid metal films are formed on the substrate.


UBMS® is also registered name of Kobe Steel Ltd.

We have made remarkable improvements to the adhesion force of DLC film for any application. Contributing not only to diversifying DLC applications but also to the development of other films available by UBMS®.

Advantages of Coating Equipment

Effect of Surface Treatment

PVD coating constitutes approx. 40% of coated tools!

Effect of KOBELCO PVD Coating

Life Expansion of Cold Working Punches
Reduction of Wear of WC endmill